Sunday, June 19, 2011

Number Sequqnces in AX 2012

There are some basic changes made at the framework level for Number Sequence in AX2012. Below are the steps to be performed to intiate a number sequence:

Below steps assume that we are adding a new number sequence in the PSA module >> parameters form:

1. Create a new EDT
2. Add code in the class NumberSeqModuleProject method loadModule()
3. Create a new method in the table ProjParameters to access the next sequence number
4. Write a job that initiates your class and call the loadModule method

static void jobName(Args _args)
NumberSeqModuleProject NumberSeqModuleProject = new NumberSeqModuleProject();


And I was able to see the newly created Number Sequence. I am still trying to get the need to call this code using above job, will update once I get the information.

One thing to note here is I did not need to restart the AOS.

Also, some good discussion is going on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 group on linkedin on the below URL:

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