Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Generating CIL

I am aware that CIL can be generated in two ways:

1. Full CIL
2. Incremental CIL

I am looking for a way to understand the possibility of generating the CIL for a single object or for a couple of objects since CIL generation if happens in both the methods mentioned above will sometimes be dependent on the objects which are not in your control but still stops you from executing your code because of compilation errors :( Too bad

Any workarounds?


  1. Ciao Vishal

    I have the same problem, but i don't find a Solution.
    In my opinion is necessary to modify the .NET DLL that manage the CIL Compilation.

    Inside AX, i have find only the way to skip some objects but if others used them, CIL Compilation go in Error.

    You have find a solution ?


  2. Hey Denis,

    The solution I found out is to temporarily comment the code of ISV. Generate the CIL and notify the ISV/partner about the issue. No other workarounds yet. Also, it has been a challenge recently to merge the code with ISVs in case they are providing separate models and there are ID conflicts since we have all the documentation avaialble on how to AVOID the conflicts but nothing on how to resolve the conflict. Still researching...