Wednesday, August 5, 2015

AX 7.0 Rainier

Came across this awesome short video of AX7.0 [the upcoming release of Dynamics AX], and some other information related to AX 7.0 which was gathered through search engines and multiple sites. Thanks to those who have been sharing this across:
 Below is what we know about AX7.0 till this point of time [Not confirmed by MS though]
 New or changed features
Financial management
  • Export account structures to Excel
  • View ledgers and advanced rule structures associated with an account structure on a single form
  • Filter Management Reporter (labeled Financial reporting in ‘AX 7’) reports based on dimension, attributes, dates, and scenarios
  • View Management Reporter (financial reports) within the ‘AX 7’ client
  • Print the Vendor Invoice Transactions report with information from the Detailed Due Day List which includes the days past due.
  • Monitor budget vs actuals and create ledger forecasts using the Ledger budgets and forecasts workspace and additional inquiry forms
Human capital management
  • Enable employees to view, update, and delete information from the system
  • Enable managers to view or edit employee information
  • Encrypt ID numbers
  • Access compensation processing results
  • View Date Effective timeline changes
  • View employees by company
  • Access the client, anytime, anywhere
  • The two AX 2012 clients have been replaced by a single, standards based web client that provides the full set of functionality of the desktop client with the reach of the Enterprise Portal client.

Deprecated features 
  • Business Analyzer 
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 
  • GL SSRS reports 
  • X++ financial statements 
  • eBilanz (XBRL for Germany) 
  • Compliance center 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
  • Shipping Carrier Interface 11
  • Warehouse management II – already deprecated at release of AX 21012 R3 
  • Payroll information in Human Resources 
  • Worker Reminders in Human Resources 
  • Enterprise Portal Client 
  • Role Center Pages 
  • Desktop Client 
  • Form ActiveX and Managed Host Controls
  • InfoPart, FormPart Metadata
  • ShopFloor companion app 
  • Cue Metadata

More to follow soon!

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