Sunday, August 16, 2015

Financial Dimensions Lookups

We have always noted in the past that it's not so easy to retrieve the values of Financial Dimensions or add a lookup of Financial Dimensions on to a form or dialog.

The following may be one of the easy ways to get that done.

To test this, we can create a quick form to display a few of the required lookup on financial dimensions as shown in the screenshot below:

We can add three string controls on this form and override the lookup method for this as shown in the code below:

You can modify this code to make it dynamics in nature instead of using constant values, this is just for the testing purpose.

Also, we need to create a new class which extends the SysLookup class and extend the lookupDimension method of the parent class as shown below:

Once the above code is written, compile the class and form and open the form. The lookup should work fine:

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